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  • lisaray ( 33 / M / Peoria, AZ )

    Who doesn't love seeing exotic animals and cuddly zoo creatures (at a comfortable distance)? If one could sneak by at a time when the crowds aren't too heavy.

  • jlharrison ( 43 / W / Thornton, CA )

    Lets meet somewhere, unload, ride for a while. After, lets grab a beer and chat and maybe grab lunch. Or go for a run with the dogs....

  • evrycwbysdrm17 ( 30 / W / Ravenswood, WV )

    Horseback ridin or a fourwheeler ride to a nice fishin spot and have a little picnic

  • newtonewyork ( 23 / W / Massapequa, NY )

    Just really spending time with my guy....don't matter where....not much

  • emtbasic ( 38 / W / Middlefield, OH )

    A layed back kind of meeting w friends and maybe family

  • loveshishorse ( 46 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    My fave date location, is a picnic,a few ales of ur choice,always about the lady, quiet spot where i can chat and let the horses graze. i love just sitting in the warm sun and gaze it the horses.

  • pup82995 ( 23 / W / Kelso, WA )

    I would love for it to be someplace with trees and a medow. Or inside with a couple dogs and a fire place with a cup of coco or coffee. and watching a movie

  • Marita1985 ( 32 / W / Almere, Flevoland )

    lekker uitwaaien met de paarden op het strand. (of met de hond )

  • horsesaremylife4 ( 27 / W / Danville, OH )

    going to see movies and out to dinner and to go have fun and going rideing

  • katiemarie420 ( 23 / W / Centralia, IL )

    my first date idea that i have never experienced before would of course be a great trail ride! walking the horses side by side and racing through the woods, relaxing and talking walking thru feilds, my dog tiger of cours...  read more >>

  • justamin ( 48 / W / Launceston, England - Cornwall )

    Meet up for a coffee.. or even a ride out/dog walk if you're anywhere near me.. at least the horses get exercised or the dogs get walked and if we don't get on then at least that's one job ticked off the list for the day...  read more >>

  • AvalonStorm ( 56 / W / Picayune, MS )

    a rough long hot trail ride that ends at a swimming hole and a picknick in the shade

  • Thaliana ( 28 / W / Mulhouse, Kerry )

    A dinner, a walk, a drink, every thing will be great for me ^-^

  • PinkHorse7 ( 27 / W / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )

    don't ask me what I want to do, just do it and surprise me?

  • amfletc09 ( 27 / W / Richmond, IN )

    Come out to the local animal shelter with me and play with some of the cute puppies and kittens. We can talk and get to know each other.

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