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  • divamobile ( 39 / W / Eminence, KY )

    Since I was a music major, I enjoy the performing arts as a date sometimes (although I have not dates in twelve years, this is very hard and awkward... I apologize in advance). I love the opera, the ballet, plays, musica...  read more >>

  • chantbabe9 ( 25 / W / Bristol, CT )

    rideing hourses on a trail then end with a picnic with yummy sandwiches

  • allygirl ( 67 / W / Lebanon, NJ )

    meet for coffee at well known place, take a walk at indoor mall,

  • fowler86 ( 41 / W / Bremerton, WA )

    How about we have a candlelight dinner and then take a nice walk to the beach

  • annandale ( 63 / W / Annandale, VA )

    I think it all depends on what one knows about a person.

  • her_shal_walker ( 33 / W / Worthington, MN )

    I would like to gallop off into a wooded glen, punch dance out my rage, then have a gratuitously long fall down a hill, where i then realize that ONE BIG JUMP will solve all of Franks problems,

  • lovejoinup ( 67 / W / Cahir, Tipperary )

    How about we meet for coffee and death by chocolate cake. Then we can indulge in my passion for sweet things and arrange another date IF we hit it off.

  • stella3830 ( 68 / W / Eagleville, PA )

    meet at the barn and go riding, then go have a bite to each and a chat.

  • skylander ( 65 / M / Parsippany, NJ )

    Theater followed by fine dining .

  • mymulegus ( 60 / W / North Manchester, IN )

    When I lived in Houston, I spent many a evening in the park watching outdoor theater. The park had a stage with some seating and the grassy field behind had a gentle rise. Just enough to see over the heads in front of yo...  read more >>

  • pylgrym ( 67 / M / Atlanta, GA )

    Since I am married, I would like to double date with a prospective couple met here.

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