Fun Date Ideas

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  • TwinkleToes37 ( 26 / W / Winchester, VA )

    Let's do something fun! I can enjoy a picnic trail ride or a nice restaurant. I love to travel and explore new places.

  • Bambi1983 ( 34 / M / damme, West-Vlaanderen )

    Eerst paardje tonen dan kunnen we gaan en staan waar we willen

  • Equus24 ( 20 / W / Mount Vernon, IA )

    Getting to know the horses and the owner...having fun!

  • ARTPOP ( 61 / W / Troy, MO )

    Trail ride picnic short or long.

  • Fabulous2017 ( 50 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    A beautiful trail ride somewhere. We get to talk, get a feel for each other and enjoy the trail.

  • JumpingSage ( 19 / W / Ocala, FL )

    trail ride, dinner whatever

  • giannam ( 21 / W / Newark, DE )

    To go on a trial ride and have a picnic. I love anything outdoors, but I am also down for chilling on the couch watching movies.

  • LoveKy13 ( 58 / W / Alexandria, KY )

    Go for a ride or do anything horse related, depending on the weather of course!

  • gonzo1939 ( 46 / W / Toronto, ON )

    I'd love for you to come out and meet my 2 horses, Bonnie and Clyde. We could take a ride on my property - there's a nice stream with a gorgeous willow tree. We could sit under it and have a picnic lunch.

  • boonehois ( 28 / M / Blue Mound, IL )

    my first ideal date would be horseback riding or dog driving

  • Cisco2016 ( 57 / M / Nokesville, VA )

    Meet for coffee then maybe try riding, or watch a equestrian show . Just something to keep you comfortable, I'll kinda sorta go with the flow.

  • loyal2only1 ( 57 / M / Lynchburg, TN )

    Breakfast or lunch at a reasonably quite restaurant or at my house where we can do the getting to know each other thing ( I hate to brag but I am a good cook) out of the way and get comfortable with each other after we e...  read more >>

  • aqhaguy ( 47 / M / Bloomfield, KY )

    I'm not looking for romance. I'm married but my wife does not ride. I would like to find a riding partner that has time to ride on week days before 230pm. I work 2nd shift. I have horses, saddles, and trails. I need anot...  read more >>

  • Buttonsnatcher ( 51 / W / Erlanger, KY )

    If you would like to know me, it would have to be around horses. That is when i'm completely open, to watch a horse race, or even hunter jumper. Bonus if you bring a Venti Hazelnut triple shot cappuccino from starbucks.

  • theSingingCrow ( 22 / W / Maryland Heights, MO )

    I'd just like to casually ride/meander about and talk, get to know you!

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